The Invisible Top, the Visible Style

The Spring Festival Gala for the Business Community
Annual Party for the Business Leaders

Party of the Elephants, Children’s Day of the Magnates

Daonong Gala

Characterized by “the Invisible Top and the Visible Style”, Daonong Gala is reputed as the “Party of the Elephants” and “the Spring Festival Gala for the Business Community”. It is dedicated to building China’s elite spirit and serving as an arena for them to social, help and share with each other. Launched in 2009, Daonong Gala is held in Beijing at the year end. This invitation-only event has been held for 10 consecutive years, attended by 200 guests every year.

Daonong Gala 2020 at the Time Museum in Beijing on 10 January has welcomed more than 200 entrepreneurs and diplomats to gather together to share the joy, warmth and harvest.

Cherish the Ten Years’ Time
This year’s Gala is themed as “Cherish the Ten Years’ Time”. In the past decade, we have made like-minded friends, have been holding fast to our dreams and living up to our self-expectations
Encounter Blossom

To Celebrate the 40-year anniversary of Reform and Opening Up, the 2018 Daonong Gala is themed “Encounter Blossom”. While sharing the joy together, the 200 guests were reminded of the weights upon their shoulders. The Gala was presented in three chapters: “Happiness”, “Warmth” and “Strength”, the entrepreneurs performed on stage to reflect upon their 40 years of venture and express their anticipation for the future

Themed as “Craftsmanship”, this year’s Gala is about original aspiration and altruism. Craftsmanship is the spiritual guide and the only path to business success. The Gala has created the right timing, the right mood and the right environment for the right craftsmanship
Shining Moments

“Every step of progress takes time, and everyone feels helpless in the face of time, but there is light in the time, reaching the light is to achieve eternality…”The Gala’s theme “Shining Moments” implies that every success is the outcome of arduous work and has endured the test of time

Our Journey Together
Under the theme “Our Journey Together”, the guests put up a self-made show to review the past experience, particularly that of the previous year. The guests wrote their wishes and greetings on the blessing ribbons and exchanged the ribbons with one another to acquire the momentum for the new journey

All the scenarios of this year’s gala were based on a simulated airport. At 8 pm, all the passengers stepped into the boarding gate of “Daonong Flight” while the singer was singing out loud. The theme “Traiblazers” signifies the features of the entrepreneurs: a group of tireless people always on the road.

Brave Heart
The highlight of this year’s Gala is the scenario setting: all the performances were delivered on a simulated train. All the dining tables are named as “Lenovo”, “Alibaba”, “Geely”, etc. At 8 pm, Daonong unveiled its curtain with the train horning
What You Were

At 8 pm, Daonong Gala started on time. The opening show was “the 21st Century Interview with Tagore” starring the CEC President Liu Chuanzhi, CCTV Hosts Wang Xiaoya and Zhang Yu. Their performance pumped up the crowd. The following performances by the entrepreneurs were even more exciting

Daonong's Dream
In the dream created by Daonong, there was a long line of Beijing local specialties in a busy food street; some traditional childhood games have attracted many business magnates, and the rewards were vintage gifts reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. The event has brought back the childhood memories of all the guests
The Age of Innocence

The grand occasion was brimming with excitement. Some entrepreneurs showcased their talent, such as the Guzheng, a traditional Chinese music instrument, played by Li Shufu, which has taken the audience by surprise; and some teamed up with the artists in the show. Moreover, the original performances, debating, role exchange, and monologues behind the scenes of the annual events, took turns on stage, creating one climax after another