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Private enterprises London show: a marketing trip

Source: IXGW.com | Date: 12-08-02  

On the lawn outside the Lancaster London Palace (Lancaster House), the aroma of soil churned out mixed with the taste of champagne. Mr Michael Yu, Chairman of the New Oriental (EDU.NYSE), stepped on the cat walk and took off his coat waving in the air. Before him, Chairman Liu Zhuanzhi of Legend Holdings has completed his first catwalk show. On the Olympic opening day in Lanka Waters Palace, a former English royal palace, the private entrepreneurs from China showed their other side to the West through a fashion show.

In just the past week, the China Entrepreneur Club (known as “CEC”) accepted the invitation of British Prime Minister David Cameron to visit the UK.

Did not know whether Mr Yu forgot the troubles of the New Oriental stocks at the waving coat moment. He told First Financial Daily reporter, in today’s business world, the global market is acceptable, but the U.S. capital market is precisely telling its own stories.

Apples and apple juice

On 25 July, CEC members met Lord Jacob Rothschild (Lord of Jacob Rothschild, the contemporary Rothschild family leader) at breakfast meeting.

By a group of figures in his opening remarks, he decoded the private enterprises in China: "CEC currently has 43 corporate members. As of 2011, the member companies manage a total turnover of about 2 trillion yuan. Chinese private enterprises contribute 60 percent of GDP, 50% tax and 80% of employment." Concluding his speech, Liu said sorry for his leaving early to meet with David Cameron at Number 10 Downing Street.

Rothschild was impressed with the transcripts of Chinese private enterprises. he told the reporter, in such a difficult world economy, China is still growing, and he gave his prospects for long-term bullish on the Chinese economy.

Private enterprises' bigwigs do not want to hear this out of courtesy. Mr. Yu asked Rothschild how British entrepreneurs deal with the government, and how to influence government policy. At this point, Chairman Zhu Xinli of Huiyuan Juice Group Limited (01886.HK) put down the bread, and began to record the answers of the Rothschild.

In fact, Rothschild has revealed in the speech before a little of the answer: their family retained the tradition of walking together with the king. Rothschild Capital Partners is located in Spencer palace,“ he said,” Prince William, future king, still retains a small part of the property.“

Every private enterprises pioneer is thinking about family business built to last. Rothschild's secret is: working a day plus a little bit of luck.

When visiting the Virgin Group, Zhu Xinli asked Apple’s European vice president and general manager of Cagney (Pascal Cagni) why Steve Jobs' Apple has brought a mobile phone, but his Apple has brought Apple Juice (apple juice), and how traditional companies producing traditional products innovate.

Mr Niu Gensheng, founder of the Mengniu Group and LAONIU Foundation smiled: to find ways to become Apple apple juice.

Who rules

According to one of the CEC's traditional rules, members who arrive later than scheduled will be charged a fine of $ 100 per minute ($ 1,000 cap). This rule was set by Chairman Liu during the delegation's visit to the U.S. last year. CEC staff told the reporter that during the visit to Britain, Liu himself was fined £1,000. He was late because the event organizer changed the door of entry without timely informing him and kept him waiting outside another door for 20 minutes.

On 11 July, according to the new Oriental announcement, the shares of other 10 shareholders in the Beijing New Oriental will go to Mr. Yu's name, but the main ownership structure will remain unchanged, thus causing the “VIE (protocol control ) panic” in the U.S. market. New Oriental shares closed at $ 22.92. On 30 July, this figure was $ 10.9. Mr. Yu told the reporter that New Oriental doesn't have delisting plan, unless management doesn't improve even after 100 percent effort, but there is no way of such things.

In the City of London Round Table, Zhang Weiying, Professor of Economics at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, said Chinese entrepreneurs need a sense of security. "Early in Sima Qian’s 'Merchant Biography' listed 30 entrepreneurs”, he told the reporter, “Contemporary China need to reshape the entrepreneurial spirit.”

"If Branson was born in China, can Virgin be so successful?” In response to this question of the reporter, Virgin Group CEO Belizean (Josh Bayliss) said, “Of course, with Branson sharp sense, he can find opportunities anywhere in the world, including China.“

Thames listen

47 BC, Julius Caesar in Asia Minor city of Gila victory, shouted: “I came, I saw, I conquered.” almost in the same era, Caesar began to invade Britain.

On the round table held in the City of London, Mr. Yu’s opened his speech, “We came, we saw, we learn from each other.”

Belizean told the reporter: “Western society think that the Chinese businessmen want to dominate the world market, when after my exchange with CEC members, it is not the case.”  "The essence of China’s economic upturn is the hard working spirit of the Chinese people,” Liu said in the interview, “China’s economy development is a mystery to the West. They only know that because of the reform and opening up. We should let them know the real story. “

"This is also why the CEC organizes international visit. They need to embrace globalization. Next year, CEC will visit France." the CEC Brand Director Cai Tao said.

Liu said, the three objectives of the CEC UK visit were basically met. Many member companies have found prospective partners and business opportunities here.

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