Daonong Gala

Launched in 2009 by the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC), the Daonong Gala invites 200 VIP guests, including business leaders, government officials, renowned scholars and celebrities in China, to the yearly gala celebration in January. The event has been crowned the 'Party for Giants' and is also known as the 'Spring Festival Gala of the Commercial Circle'. The Daonong Gala strives to promote the spirit of eminent individuals and aims to serve as a private platform for notable members of Chinese society whereby they can come together, socialize and share their ideas and experiences with one another.

On January 10th, 2013, the Daonong Gala commenced with 200 prominent guests in attendance, including 30 CEC members, 4 ambassadors to China, government officials, academics and entrepreneurs. The 2012 Gala was locomotive themed, with CEC Chairman Liu Chuanzhi conducting the "train" of performances, including traditional Chinese singing, dancing and crosstalk performed by CEC members and guests.

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