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Dear readers,
It is my pleasure to present you with the 1st edition of our newsletter CEC Highlights.
As Executive Chairman of CEC, I'm delighted to share with you some of our interesting events in 2012.
During the 5th Annual Summit of Green Companies, Tackling Challenges under the New Realities, 800 policy-makers, business leaders and experts from China and abroad discussed the sustainable growth of economy and the possible solutions to numerous problems China and the world are facing. Last summer, the 30-strong CEC delegation went on a successful mission to the Great Britain, where we visited lots of great companies and exchanged ideas with UK entrepreneurs. I gave a speech titled 'We Came, We Saw, We Learnt' at the closing of the China Business Day, an international forum co-organized by CEC and the British government on the opening day of London Olympics. At the end of the year, to celebrate entrepreneurship and reward bravery, the CEC held a fantastic Daonong Gala themed Brave Heart.
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Sincerely yours,
Michael YU
Executive Chairman, China Entrepreneur Club
Chairman and CEO, New Oriental Education and Technology Group
The "New Realities" indicates a new global climate clouded with increasing political and economic uncertainties. The 5th Annual Summit of Green Companies was held in Wuhan, China, aiming to explore the solutions to the challenges facing by companies at the turning point of China's economy.
At the invitation of Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, a 30-strrong delegation from the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) went on its third trip outside China, after the visit to the United States in 2011 and the journey to Germany in 2010. It was a mission to rediscover the Great Britain.
Having survived the Mayan apocalypse, some of the Chinese entrepreneurs have gained new interpretations of the word 'bravery'. The theme of this year's Daonong Gala is "Brave Heart", aiming to reward the courage of the Chinese entrepreneurs and encourage them to stride bravely forward.
These days Beijing has been shrouded in smog, but Jack Ma from Alibaba Group said he was exceptionally delighted to see this. A rare blue sky in Beijing seems to be a blessing from the God. People are worried that simple joys of life will turn into random surprises.
According to Jeff Immelt, to survive in the global market, Chinese enterprises must learn to compete under less government protection. Chinese enterprises can hardly evolve into great companies unless they are truly driven by innovation and the spirit of the entrepreneurship.
Established in 2006, the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) is a non-profit organization consisting of some of the most influential business leaders in China. The mission of the CEC is to promote entrepreneurship and the sustainable development of the economy and society.
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