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France rolls out red carpet for Chinese

Top mainland business team sees bright spots amid Europe's economic gloom. No foreign business delegation was ever offered such a high-profile reception at the Elysee Palace as a group of Chinese entrepreneurs received recently. French President Francois Hollande rolled out the red carpet for the first time for a group of 40 of China's wealthiest entrepreneurs who were on a week-long visit to France to explore business opportunities. (Download After-Visit Summary )
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CEC welcomes Vice President Tajani's delegation to China

On the 19th July 2013, the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) organized a breakfast meeting with the European Commission's delegation to China. The meeting was held under the theme of 'Green Growth'.The Chinese and European business leaders had brief yet effective exchanges on such topics as enhancing cooperation between Chinese and European enterprises, reducing carbon emissions and other issues.
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Zhu Xinli meets Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna

Introduced by the International Department Central Committee of CPC, Executive Chairman Zhu Xinli, on behalf of the China Entrepreneur Club, received Mr. Chuka Umunna, Shadow Business Secretary of the British Labour Party, on July 24th 2013 in Beijing. A wide range of issues such as trade links, business cooperation and entrepreneurship were discussed during the meeting.
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Established in 2006, the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) is a non-profit organization consisting of some of the most influential business leaders in China. The mission of the CEC is to promote entrepreneurship and the sustainable development of the economy and society.

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