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About the Summit

About the China Green Companies Summit

The China Green Companies Summit is dedicated to promoting smart, long-term economic and social growth. Established in 2008, the Summit, held on Earth Day (April 22) each year, hosts over 1000 guests from China and abroad, including business leaders, political decision-makers, academic authorities, NGO representatives, and influential journalists. The Summit has been widely recognized as one of the most influential business forums dedicated to sustainable development in China.

The 2016 China Green Companies Summit offers a multitude of networking opportunity with Chinese entrepreneurs from across China. Parallel and plenary sessions deliver insight into the challenges and strategies most pressing for Chinese private entrepreneurs. The full CEC Membership and member companies of the China Green Companies Alliance (including private, state-owned and foreign multinationals) will be present during the 2016 Summit, participating in panels and hosting sessions throughout the event.


Divided Progress: Finding New Economic Drivers

The development of business springs from a divergence in perspective towards progress. Today's divide has arisen from technology, and the revolution brought on by technology's advancement. From the Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0, from the Internet to Artificial Intelligence, from the IT to biotechnology revolution, technology has disrupted industries while creating growth opportunities for companies. Some firms have been eliminated, others transformed, and many more born.

Technology has also changed the fundamental elements of industry competition, from a clear advantage with size and scale, towards unprecedented strength in combined speed, service, and product ecosystems. Business values are being redefined along with the technologies surrounding them. Without an embrace of these technologies, businesses will fall to competition.

Which business models and companies will arise as sustainable new drivers of the future economy? Join China's top business leadership in the pursuit of better economic progress at the 2017 China Green Companies Summit in Zhengzhou.

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