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About the Summit

About the China Green Companies Summit

Launched in 2008 by China Entrepreneur Club (CEC), the annual China Green Companies Summit (CGCS) hosts over 1000 guests ranging from business leaders, political decision-makers, academic authorities, NGO representatives, to influential journalists from China and abroad. Leaving its footprints in Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao, Wuhan, Kunming, Nanning, Shenyang, Jinan and Zhengzhou successively within 10 years, the Summit transmits the advanced business ideas and practices to leaders across different aspects. With private entrepreneurs as the main participants, it focuses on the business ecosystem and dive into the practical issues of the commercial sustainable development, dedicated to becoming an interaction platform for the new political-business relationship. The Summit has grown into one of the most influential business forum in the sphere of China's sustainable development of economy.

Summit Topic
Age of Smart Business
High quality growth and value creation

In the 10 years to come, the landscape of smart business will be initially determined.

With data as the basis, algorithm as the engine, and product as the fulcrum, smart business creates a closed loop for real-time smart feedback of user experience. With breakthroughs in big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, businesses have carried out strategic adjustment and business innovation to become leaders in the New Age.

High-quality development is essentially innovation, which in itself is at the core of entrepreneurship. The 2018 China Green Companies Summit brings global leaders to Tianjin to discuss how businesses should adjust themselves and embrace new opportunities in the face of the upcoming era.

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