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Program Outline

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April 22, 2018 Sunday
09:00-22:00 All Day Registration
O2O Appointment
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15:50-17:20 The Value of Impact Investment
  The integration of business and philanthropy, referring to solving the social and environmental problems by market-based means, is increasingly becoming the effective way in helping the modern enterprises shoulder social responsibilities and further sustainable development, rendering a profound impact on the development of Chinese philanthropy. Thus,
- What are the outstanding values of impact investment compared to other forms of investment? And how should the specialized talents be nurtured?
- How shall we promote a more innovative cross-sector merge of the philanthropical mission and the business model?
- How should we forge the concerted effort of enterprises, social organizations and the government?
17:45-18:45 Buffet dinner
19:00-19:30 [Report Release]
Tax System Reform and the Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprises
  The tax reform of a country could determine the competitiveness of that country and its businesses and enterprises. The large-scale tax cuts by the Trump administration in the U.S. are imposing new challenges for us. As such,
- How should China deal with a worldwide wave of tax cuts?
- Is there any adjustment needed in China's tax system?
- What is the direction for future tax reform?
19:30-21:30 The New Role of Chinese Enterprises in Globalization
  Living in the stream of the Reform and Open Up for 40 years, Chinese enterprises has witnessed a tremendous change in their overall competitiveness and relative position in the global business structure. They are actively redefining and relocating their novel role in the next round of global competition. Impacted by the ever-growing complexity of the global economic and trade environment exacerbated by the trend of "de-globalization" and trade protectionism, Chinese enterprises are also facing the unpredictable situation in terms of the international investment and collaboration. As such, in the next round of global competition,
-What new opportunities will be brought to Chinese enterprises?
-What is the biggest challenge will be confronted with for the Chinese enterprises?
-How the Chinese entrepreneurs shall be prepared in terms of leadership?
April 23, 2018 Monday
07:30-22:00 O2O Appointment (Log in to to make online business appointment)
08:30-10:00 Smart Business Era
  Smart business is a brand-new business paradigm in the data age. With data as the basis, algorithm as the engine, and product as the fulcrum, smart business creates a closed loop for real-time smart feedback of user experience. The breakthroughs in big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing together are triggering new waves of smart business. The past 20 years saw the embryo of smart business whereas the next 30 years will witness the big bang of smart business. In the 10 years to come, the landscape of smart business will be initially determined. Then,
- What kind of paradigm shift will business undergo in the face of the upcoming "data" age?
- Which industries will benefit from it?
- How should businesses adjust their business models to adapt and embrace new opportunities?
10:00-11:30 How will AI Build the Competitiveness of the Next Round of Businesses?
  Tech companies in China are shifting from Internet-driven to AI-driven growth. "State-level open AI platforms" have been announced, including unmanned driving, city brain, medical imaging, and smart voice. Then,
- To what stage has AI technology developed and how will it affect our lives?
- How will tech companies enable traditional industries and what technologies have been applied?
- How should traditional industries take AI into play to create new productivity?
11:30-12:40 Ambassador luncheon (invited guests only)
13:00-14:30 The New Retail: Building a New Business Ecology
  The retail business is embracing new technologies. Shaping new retail with new business models has become a trend in the business world. The new retail is not only improving the experience at stores, but also extending digitalization into the upstream, such that a complete change in commercial infrastructure is being driven. Then,
- What new business models and management methods will the new retail bring to the traditional retail?
- Where in the new retail has the efficiency of operation improved?
- In terms of channel and pricing power, how should traditional businesses work with new retail platforms?
14:30-16:00 The Age of Everything Interconnected: All Things +
  We are going to embrace an era of everything interconnected. Among other things, with the development of 5G technologies, the Internet of all things is becoming clearer and clearer and the society is evolving from the "Internet +" to "all things +". Then,
- What are the application scenarios for everything interconnected?
- Which industries will use it first?
- What opportunities are there for China's firms?
16:00-17:30 Talent Strategy and Organizational Innovation
  The internal and external environment in which a business operates is changing faster and faster. This is posing new challenges on a company's development strategy, traditional mode of operation, and organizational capabilities. The issues of a business are essentially the issues of its personnel. In this sense, talent management will be the key to winning the next round of competition. Then,
- How should a business cultivate new types of comprehensive innovative talents?
- What are the drivers and the obstacles for organizational change?
- How should a business formulate its incentive policy and help its employees to upgrade their awareness?
17:30-18:30 The Entrepreneur's Responsibility and Innovation in the New Age
  By proposing the concept of "New Age", the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China has defined the directions for the development of the Chinese society. This represents a historical shift that concerns the whole landscape and means a lot of new requirements for entrepreneurs and business activities. Innovation is the first driver of economic and social development. Striving to tackle the problems of unbalanced and insufficient development and improve the quality and benefits of development in innovative ways and approaches are the responsibility of the age as well as a source of tremendous business opportunities. A growing number of businesses have begun to adapt to this change and carried out strategic readjustment and business innovation. They are becoming the promoters and leaders in the New Age.
18:30-20:00 Appreciation Dinner
April 24, 2018 Tuesday
For Overseas Paid Guests
April.24-26, Beijing 3-day immersion and interaction in 5 innovative giants a with total market value of $210 billion.
For Other Summit Participants
8:30-15:00 Local Company Visit in Tianjin (Log in to to make online reservation)
For CEC Members Only
07:30-12:30 Annual Board Meeting of the China Entrepreneur Club
14:00-16:00 Entrepreneurs' Happiness Psychology

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