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Responsibility and Innovation in a Shifting World——Our Solution

The world is undergoing unprecedented changes.

In 2010, for the first time, developing countries accounted for more than 50% of the world’s gross GDP, and grew three times faster than developed countries. The center of world economy is quickly shifting from the West to the East. In the same year, China became the world’s second largest economy, and Chinese enterprises encountered many golden opportunities. At the same time, however, China also felt the rise of uncertainties in its economy, politics, society and environment. This is an era where increasingly more intensified conflicts occur at both the macro- and microscopic levels, leaving enterprises with more difficult strategic choices to make.

Enterprises must continue to link commercial success with social progress, seek energy in this seemingly chaotic and volatile world, and create a prosperous, stable and sustainable future. This cannot happen without innovation in concepts, technology and mechanisms. Otherwise, commitment to assuming responsibilities would only be an empty promise. The newly formed business culture and business standards would revert back to those found prior to the financial crisis. In this age, the only way to assume responsibilities is through innovation.

This year’s summit offers themed forums and case study panels. In the themed forums, leaders from the 2011 China’s Top 100 Green Companies will exchange views with opinion leaders. They will share ideas concerning how to cope in this shifting world with completely new strategies and logic. In addition, they will discuss how to nurture the innovative capabilities to do so.

This year’s summit will also host case study panels. We have invited representative enterprises, including Alibaba, Fosun, IBM, Tsingtao Beer, Vanke, ENN, GE, and BASF to share with us their ideas, methods and solutions for the important issue of “responsibilities and innovation in a shifting world”.

We look forward to fruitful discussions with all of the participants in this summit.

Agenda of the 2011 Annual Summit of Green Companies
Thursday, April 21
Welcome & Opening Dinner hosted by the Qingdao Municipal Government
Feast of Ideas:

Interpreting Global Shifts
Friday, April 22
Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speeches
Plenary Session

Global Shifts: Pioneers’ Responsibilities and Innovations
Announcement of “China’s Top 100 Green Companies”
Keynote Luncheon

Release of Release of Corporate Green Accounting Programme Report
Release of The China Greentech Report 2011
Case Study Panels


Case Study Panel 1: A Lesson from Alibaba: Upholding Values in the Face of Conflict
Case Study Panel 2: Circular Economy Reshapes the Future of Enterprises
Case Study Panel 3: Discovering China’s Driving Force – How Investment Improves the Business Ecosystem
Case Study Panel 4: New ICT Trend: Facilitating the Green Transformation of China's Economy
Public Welfare Initiative:

“Save Our Water”
Closing Ceremony & Keynote Speeches
Closing Dinner
Special Concert for "Save Our Water" Public Welfare Initiative - performed by renowned violinist Lu Siqing
Summit Value
· Providing forward-thinking observations of current trends and analyzing shifts in the world
· Offering enterprises green solutions and a green benchmark
· Exploring green value chains and seeking partners with common interests
Participation Criteria
For Entrepreneurs
· Leaders of strongly influential enterprises in main industries
· Executives of leading enterprises in green industries
For Enterprises
· Enterprises with a leading role in their industry
· Enterprises with unique green, innovative case studies and strategies
Previous Summit Themes
· 2010 Green Evolution: Governments and Enterprises
· 2009 Green Transformation: Forecasting a New Business Culture
· 2008 Green Competitiveness: Trends and Action
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