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2017 China Entrepreneur Club Annual General Meeting[10/05/2017]

On April 24th, the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) membership gathered in Kaifeng, Henan for the CECs annual general meeting. Each April, the annual meeting creates opportunity for members to reflect on the past year, and discuss goals for the organiz

Chinese entrepreneurs embarks on cross-Canada tour[29/11/2016]

OTTAWA - A group of powerful Chinese business leaders set off on an eight-day Canadian tour Sunday that will connect them with Canadas corporate and political elite, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This will be the first visit to Canada by

Chinese business leaders laud ‘golden era’ for Canadian re[29/11/2016]

Chinese business leaders are confident that China and Canada are embarking on a golden era between the countries that will boost trade exponentially, says Ma Weihua, president of the China Entrepreneur Club. But this golden era cannot be achieved on

Transformer l'amitié économique Canada-Chine en coopérati[29/11/2016]

BEIJING, 15 octobre 2016 /CNW/ -- Une dlgation du China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) entreprendra une visite de huit jours au Canada du 16 au 23 octobre. Il sagit du 9e pays que le CEC visitera lors de sa tourne annuelle, aprs des dplacements russis aux

Chinese entrepreneurs scout business opportunities in Ottawa[29/11/2016]

Several Chinese billionaires were in Ottawa Tuesday, meeting with the citys business leaders and eying investment opportunities in the nations capital. Delegates from the China Entrepreneur Club, a non-profit organization that includes 31 of the Asi

Leading Chinese entrepreneurs to meet Trudeau in Canada[18/11/2016]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will greet a delegation of leading Chineseentrepreneurs in the coming week in Canada, after meeting them six weeks ago in Beijing. A China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) delegation will embark on an eight-day journey

Chinese entrepreneur group to launch Canada tour to promote[18/11/2016]

BEIJING, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) -- Seeking new business opportunities and a chance to engage with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a group of Chinese tycoons is to embark on a trip to Canada, only weeks after an exchange of high-level visits by the two coun

New investment platform aims to expand foreign investment in[18/11/2016]

A new investment platform aimed at fostering sustainable and responsible foreign investment in Canada outside the real estate sector launches today. Foregrowth.com, operated by Privest Wealth Management Inc., is designed to connect Canadian business

Turning Canada-China Economic Friendship Into Practical Busi[18/11/2016]

BEIJING, Oct. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- A China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) delegation will embark on an eight-day journey to Canadafrom October 16 to 23. This is the 9th destination country for CECs annual visits, following successful trips to the Unite

The China Entrepreneur Club: Ten Years and Beyond[10/05/2016]

On May 8, China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) leaders Jack Ma, Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Weihua, Liu Yonghao and Liu Donghua sat down with over 130 media representatives to conduct a dialogue on the present and future of the CEC. Since founding in 2006, Liu Chuanz