Enterprise Green Development (Haikou) Research Institute
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Who we are

Enterprise Green Development (Haikou) Institute, a nongovernmental and non-profit organization, was jointly initiated and founded by the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) members in March 2020. The Institute's mission and vision is to "promote the green growth of enterprises, contribute to the sustainable development of society, and to be a respected learning non-profit organization.

We are becoming a service platform for innovation and sustainable development in the business world.

Two Group standards of low carbon.
00026 - 2021
0146 - 2022
Green Partner Program
Advocating green concepts and implementing green methods

In October 2023, the Enterprise Green Development Research Institute launched the Green Partner program. As a new service for enterprises, we hope to work with partners from China Green Company Alliance and more companies, to advocate green concepts, implement green methods, and achieve sustainable development goals for enterprises and the economy. Green Partners consist of two types: "advocating company" and "benchmark company". Join us, to be a Green Partner, to provide more green products and services, get more green competitiveness!