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The China Entrepreneur Club

The China Entrepreneur Club is the premier business leader platform in China. Established by 31 of China's most influential entrepreneurs, economists and diplomats in 2006, the CEC is a hub for Chinese entrepreneurial exchange, cooperation, and international collaboration. As a private non-profit organization, the CEC is committed to nurturing entrepreneurship and business integrity while paving the future of sustainable economic and social development.

CEC members represent the first generation of modern Chinese entrepreneurs. Members and member companies are proud to signify commercial success while abiding by the rules and regulations of the market economy. CEC members continue to set the example for sustainable competitiveness through better business practices, actively engaging in public welfare initiatives and endorsing corporate social responsibility. CEC member companies are economic powerhouses, with 49 dynamic companies earning a total annual gross income of almost three trillion RMB in 2015.

The CEC mission and vision represent a set of core values for club members, employees and affiliates to live by. These values are the backbone of club activity, from International Visits and Member Company Visits, to the Daonong Gala celebration and regular tailored events throughout the year. Furthermore, the CEC's Green Companies Alliance and annual China Green Companies Summit exhibit a relentless pursuit of building sustainable, transparent green companies in China.