Crises Call for Actions
Author: Time:13-03-11

 These days Beijing has been shrouded in smog, but Jack Ma  from Alibaba Group said he was exceptionally delighted to see this. When the environmentalists urged to protect water resources and improve air quality and food safety, few took it seriously because the ‘privileged’ always have special access to clean water and safe food. When it comes to air, the privileged suffer too. Mr. Ma claimed that he has never lost a single night’s sleep because of his company; what made him sleepless are the water and food issues in China. It is worrisome that hard-earned money is used to pay for medicines in the end. The increasingly growth in medicine sales is hardly a good sign, for it indicates that people are having severer health problems. 

For most people, a sunshine bath can be the basic source of happiness. No matter how much money one earns, it would be a tragedy if (s)he can no longer enjoy the warm sunshine. Every so often, Weibo (or ‘Chinese Twitter’) users post about a rare blue sky in Beijing, as though it were a blessing from the God. Such simple little joy people are entitled to have in life has turned into some random surprise. 

This is a crisis partly resulted from soaring growth and government negligence. And it’s more likely caused by the lack of some kind of societal antibody and shared belief. The absence of belief changes people’s mindset, which further changes their behavior and eventually damages the entire social ecology. This is not only a crisis for China, but also for all mankind. 

Wherever one lives, there are always complaints, grumbles and criticism. Even so, there are surely more good people than bad, and more kindness than evil. Nowadays, everyone is talking about the loss of trust. The government is not trusted by the people; neither does it have faith the other way round. Husbands don’t trust their wives, and vice versa. It seems as if the trust was gone, but it is actually everywhere. Take Taobao as an example, a seller, before being paid, entrusts the ordered products to a delivery man who takes the products to the buyer, who then pays the seller upon receiving the products. The three parties are complete strangers to each other, but such way of doing business does work. Why? Because there is trust amongst people. Each day, more than 24 million such transactions are made. The smog problem Beijing has today used to trouble Europe, the United States and Japan, but they managed to realize a change after 15 or 20 years of efforts. During the Summer Olympics in 2008, Beijing had blue sky for a month. There is reason to believe that China will make the change, as other countries have. 

“What enrage us might not be evil deeds, but the indifference to evil deeds. Our lives are inextricably linked to all the others in the world. Every action taken by any person, good or bad, at any time, will contribute to shaping our future.” 

Source: Jack Ma’s speech at Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum 2013