Daonong Gala: Brave Heart
Author: Time:13-03-11

 As an annual general event to celebrate entrepreneurship, to review and look forward together, the 4th “Daonong Gala” (2012) was held in Beijing on 11 January 2013. The invitation-only event gathered 200 prestigious guests including business leaders, senior diplomats, scholars, government officials, and charity celebrities in China.

In 2012, some of the Chinese entrepreneurs went through many trials and tribulations. Those who have managed to survive the fight are definitely brave. The theme of this year’s Daonong Gala is “Brave Heart”, aiming to reward the courage of the Chinese entrepreneurs and encourage them to stride bravely forward.

Having survived the Mayan apocalypse, some of the Chinese entrepreneurs have gained new interpretations of the word ‘bravery’. As Miao Hongbing  understands, sometimes speeding down requires more courage. Huang Nubo , a billionaire poet, contributed to the Daonong Gala a poem entitled Courage Express, which perfectly interprets the unique courage shared by Chinese entrepreneurs. 

Renowned as ‘Party for Giants’, the Daonong Gala distinguishes itself from other high-profile gatherings for the fact that the guests are invited to be entertained and to entertain others. Among the starry casts, Jack Ma  won the most applauds for singing a piece of Mongolian long-tone folk song unaccompanied. It was absolutely the first time he has ever performed this in public. Dressed up in hippie costumes, Charles Chao  and his peers rocked the audience with the theme song ‘Brave Heart’. Everyone enjoyed the show and was reluctant to leave. “It is one of a few times that I’ve seen Ambassador so relaxed.” said the accompanying colleague of the U.S. Ambassador Gary F. Locke. For sure, all the others who presented felt the same.

For the first time, the Daonong Gala had the presence of foreign ambassadors and counsellor. Not long after the performance began, the U.S. Ambassador Gary F. Locke, the British Ambassador Sebastian Wood, the Belgian Ambassador Patrick Nijs and the French Minister-counsellor Jean Leviol expressed their New Year greetings and joined a diplomatic choir ‘Jacques Brothers’. Both the formality and song were sensational.

Before the ‘Courage Express’ terminated, CEC’s founder and Standing Vice Chaiman Liu Donghua  concluded that the Chinese people are often deemed hardworking, smart and brave; however, not everyone acts bravely all the time. In his opinion, true bravely doesn't equal heroism. Bravery applies to small changes in life. Only such changes will generate sustained courage and fuel the engine for future prosperity.