China Entrepreneur Golf Club

The China Entrepreneur Golf Club was founded in 2007, it currently has close to 100 members, who are strictly decision-making entrepreneurs. The CEC Golf Club hosts a series of high-quality tournaments, as well as member company visits and international visits.

Collaboration and Communication Platform

These events create a platform for Entrepreneurs to practice golf and enhance friendship. Participation of mainstream population, sponsorship of premium brands, professional services and various prizes have rendered the golf tournament an eminent non-professional golf event in China.

Overseas Business Visits

Through collective representation of its members, China Entrepreneur Golf Club serves as an effective channel of international communication among its members/ International visits have thus become a major thrust of the Club every year. These visits build a vivid image of Chinese entrepreneurs in the international community through golf competitions.
CEGC Finals 2019 took place on December 14, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. Each year, CEGC engage in regular golf tournaments and business focused engagements, including one annual international visit project focused on building relationships through golf and business engagement overseas.

The CEGC Finals 2018 was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This year, the CEGC embarked on a new journey for the second decade.

At the annual team meeting, voted by all members, the team organizational structure has been elected. Mr. Junhao Wang was re-elected as team captain. Mr. Chunlei Yu and Mr. Min Zhang were re-elected as team deputy captains.

Under the umbrella of the China Entrepreneur Club, the China Entrepreneur Golf Club engages in regular business events with international counterparts overseas. The CEGC visited Japan in 2017 and and learned their strategic logic, business model and critical success factors of Japanese “invisible champion” companies

In 2017, the China Entrepreneur Golf Club visited California, US, which is a world-renowned high-tech R & D base and the most important financial center in the western US. The members visited 2 innovative enterprises in California,, an Artificial intelligence platform based on big data analysis and Plug and Play, an incubator focusing on the incubation and investment of technology-based start-up teams.

The delegation of the CEGC was excited to experience Scotland and Scottish golf in 2016. The delegation received a warm welcome in this nine-day business tour aimed at developing international links with Scottish businesses. The CEGC conducted a series of facility tours and meetings with companies including NetThing, Collagen Solutions PLC, Mallzee, Money Dashboard and Sunamp, as well as a China-Scotland Friendship Golf Match at St Andrews Castle Course.

In 2015, the China Entrepreneur Golf Club visited Singapore, conducting 3 golf matches and visiting several leading Singaporean companies.

This is also the first overseas business visit since the establishment of the CEGC. A Singapore-China international friendly golf match was held during this overseas visit.