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Liu Donghua

Source: China Entrepreneur Club | Date: 16-05-26  

Founder and Vice President, China Entrepreneur Club (CEC)

Founder and Chief Guideline Officer, Zhisland


Liu Donghua was the former President of China Entrepreneur Magazine and the Economic Daily Press. Under Liu’s leadership, China Entrepreneur Magazine became a leader among mainstream business magazines in China. Liu proceeded to found the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) in 2006, with 31 of the most influential business leaders, economists and diplomats in China. With over 20 years of experience in the media and the publishing industry, particularly focusing on entrepreneurship in China, Liu is better known as “China’s entrepreneur confidant.”


In 2011, Liu founded Zhisland with aspiration to provide a wider group of entrepreneurs resources for growth and business excellence. Now, with more than 4300 members, Zhisland has become China’s top high-end social networking platform designed exclusively for entrepreneurs.

The China Entrepreneur Club

With inspiration and a leading network of Chinese entrepreneurs established through the China Entrepreneur Magazine, Liu was keen to create a networking platform for Chinese entrepreneurs to feel a sense of community and belonging, as well as a means of collectively promoting the importance of the private sector in China. Thus in 2006, Liu along with 31 of China’s most renowned entrepreneurs founded the China Entrepreneur Club in Beijing. Liu remains one of the clubs’ 49 current members.

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