Niu Gensheng
Author: Time:19-06-12

Member, China Entrepreneur Club

Founder, Mengniu Dairy Group

Founder and Honorary President, LAONIU Foundation



Mr. Niu Gensheng is the founder of Mengniu Dairy Group, the founding member of Yili Group, Founder and Honorary President of the Lao Niu Foundation, Vice Chairman of The Nature Conservancy’s China Board of Directors and Vice President of China Charity Alliance.

Mr. Niu Gensheng has received wide recognition both as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was once honored as “CCTV's China Economic Figures of the Year”, and elected as one of “China's Most Influential Business Leaders” for consecutive five sessions; he won “China Charity Prize” twice, “Lifetime Achievement Award” and “Special Contribution Award” for Philanthropy, TNC’s “Oak Leaf Prize 2014”; “Outstanding Prize for Philanthropy” of Committee of 100 of the United States; “Top 10 of China Public Welfare Leader list” and “Influence·2016 China Philanthropic 100 Persons”.

Lao Niu Foundation

Mr. Niu Gensheng and his families have founded the Lao Niu Foundation in 2004. Following his resignation as CEO and Chairman of Mengniu Dairy in 2006, Mr. Niu has completely devoted himself to philanthropist from entrepreneur. The Foundation has undertaken 198 public welfare and charity projects in 30 provinces (cities/ autonomous regions) in China and the regions of the United States, Canada, France, Nepal, and Africa by the end of 2016, with the expenditure for public welfare of CNY 1148 million.

China Mengniu Dairy

Established in 1999, Mengniu Dairy Company became a leading global milk supplier, and a top dairy producer in China Within the first seven years. Main products of Mengniu include milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream and milk powder.