Wu Jinglian
Author: Time:19-06-12

  Researcher, Development Research Center of the State Council

  Mr. Wu Jinglian is a renowned economist in China and is often referred to as the “model-conscience of China’s economic community.”

  As a key person in “market-oriented reform”, Mr. Wu was the first person to propose and advocate the theory of market economy. He is known as the “pioneer in Chinese reform” and “father of China’s market economy”. He has accumulated extensive experience in economic system research and is one of the first persons to comparatively study economic systems.

  His main contributions are: developing fundamental theories of market economy; promoting market economy reform; proposing the transition to comprehensive reform strategy; planning restructure of state-owned economic distribution and basic development path for state-owned enterprise reform; pushing for the development of civil economy; realizing the co-development of diverse forms of ownership; and advocating a modern market economy based on the rules of law.

  Mr. Wu is a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council, honorary director at the Institute of Market Economy and deputy director at State Council Information Expert Advisory Committee. He is also the editor-in-chief for Reform, Comparative Studies and Hongfan Editorials. He has obtained honorary Doctorate degree in social sciences from Hong Kong Baptist University and the University of Hong Kong.

  From 1984 to 1992, Mr. Wu won “Sun Yefang Economics Prize” five times consecutively. He was awarded “Outstanding Achievement Award” from the International Academy of Management (IAM) in 2003, and won the first prize in Economics Outstanding Contribution Award in 2005.

  Mr. Wu was born in Nanjing on January 24, 1930. He studied at the College of Liberal Arts of University of Nanking from 1948 to 1953.