Ding Liguo
Author: Time:19-06-11

Member, China Entrepreneur Club

Chairman of the Board, Delong Holdings Limited


Mr. Ding Liguo had established Tangshan Great Wall Steel Rolling Company in 1992, serving as general manager. In 1995, he founded Liguo Group and took office as the Chairman. By 2000, Delong acquired Xingtai Iron and Steel Company – a company under a RMB 240 million debt at the time – and renamed it as Delong Steel Limited. Mr. Ding graduated with a degree in Machine Manufacturing from the Hebei Institute of Technology.

Delong Holdings

Delong Holdings handles iron and steel production, capital operation and financial leasing. In 2005, Delong Holdings became the first private iron and steel enterprise in China to go public overseas. Delong Holdings owns Delong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Germany Focus International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Delong Machinery & Mill Roll Co., Ltd, Xingtai New Dragon Gas Co., Ltd., as well as companies abroad including Asia Role Models Ltd. and Dexin Steel (Singapore) Limited.


Ding has been recognized as one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Chinese steel. Ding is also a representative of the National People’s Congress and has received numerous recognitions in China, including the ‘Top 10 Outstanding Youth in China’, “National Model Worker” award from the Chinese Government. Mr. Ding is also the co-founder of Beijing Chihong Charity.