Shen Guojun
Author: Time:19-06-12

Member, China Entrepreneur Club

Founder and President, Yintai Group


Mr. Shen Guojun, Member of the Zhi Gong Party Standing Committee, first Executive Chairman of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (Global) Association, Founder and President of Yintai Group(China Yintai Holdings Co., Ltd.), former Board Chairman and Strategic Development Committee Chairman of Intime Retail (Group) Co., Ltd. (01833.HK) (2007-2015), Founder and Honorary President of Yintai Foundation.

Shen Guojun is an innovative entrepreneur, an industrial pusher and innovator, as well as an outstanding social citizen. With keen insight and foresight, he has led Yintai Group in completing a series of steady and insightful business operations in numbers of business areas, been committed to social charity, and had a far-reaching impact on and boosted industrial and social development.

Yintai Group

Yintai Group (China Yintai Holdings Co., Ltd.) is a diversified industrial investment company founded by Mr. Shen Guojun in 1997 in Beijing, leading Intime Retail Group, Yintai Land Group, Yintai Resources Group, Yintai Agriculture Group, Yintai Industry City Group and Yintai Investment Group as well as subsidiaries including a number of listed companies and over 100 holding or joint-stock companies in and outside China. Boasting a gross asset of nearly 100 billion yuan and a workforce of over 100,000, we are already among the strongest private enterprises in China.

Yintai Group also endeavor to assume our social responsibility by initiating Yintai Foundation that advocates Platform Thinking and Shared Value, and devote ourselves to strategic philanthropic establishments.

Set in the opening-up and reform context, we combine industries with investment, and commercial values with social responsibility, which helps us not only grow into a successful paradigm in China's modern new business, but also contribute to the revolution and development in many areas and industries through our own commercial revolution and innovation, and adds new vigor to the national economy and society through shared value.

In future, we look to further contribute to the social construction and national rejuvenation of China as well as the economic development and the entire social civilization of the country utilizing our own commercial strength and social resources.

Social Positions

Mr. Shen Guojun is the 1st Executive President of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (Global) Association, the 2nd and 5th President of Zhe Jiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, the 3rd and 4th Honorary President of Zhe Jiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Board Director of Hupan University, Director of China Entrepreneur Club, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce, Executive Chairman of Board of Directors of Paradise Foundation, President of the Guanghua-Yintai Research Center for Philanthropy and Social Impact, Director of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Initiating Director of AI You Foundation and Vice President of Zhi Fu Charity Foundation.