Miao Hongbing
Author: Time:19-06-12

Member, China Entrepreneur Club

Chairman, White-collar Fashion Co., Ltd.


Mr. Miao Hongbing founded ‘WHITE COLLAR’ in 1994. As an artist and entrepreneur addicted to arts and details, Mr. Miao successfully created a new business model for Chinese fashion brands through the integration of instant value sharing chain that links global partners together, and the development of the quickest logistics service in China’s fashion industry. Mr. Miao holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. The founder of the ‘happiness marketing theory ’.

White-collar Fashion Company

As a leading fashion brand in China, ‘White Collar’ designs haute couture and focuses on retail market management with the aim of promoting cultural transmission and fashion innovation. It has become a leading brand that defines the fashion trends in China.


Mr. Miao has won many titles, including ‘The Most Successful Entrepreneur in China’s Fashion Industry’ and one of ‘China’s Top 10 Leaders in the Fashion Industry’.