To Share Entrepreneurship with the Wider Society and Promote the Sustainable Development of the Economy and Society


To Be the Spiritual Home for the Entrepreneurs and Become One of the Most Influential Non-Profit Organizations in the World

China Entrepreneur Club

China Entrepreneur Club (CEC), established in 2006, is the premier business leader platform in China. As a non-profit organization, CEC’s mission is to share entrepreneurship with the wider society and promote the sustainable development of the economy and society. CEC has 62 members and 5 advisors. Jack Ma serves as Chairman and Wang Yusuo as President of CEC.

Member Companies

(2018-2019)*Exchange Rate: 1 USD : 6.9 RMB
722 Billion USD*
134.4 Thousand People
Number of R&D staff
58 Billion USD*
Net Profit
3.6 Billon USD*
Total Charitable Contribution
3 Trillion USD*
Total Assets
16.3 Billion USD*
Total R&D Input
49 Billion USD*
Total Tax Contribution
985.5 Billion USD*
Total Commodity Transaction
2.2 Million People
Directly Created Jobs
54.4 Million People
Indirectly Created Jobs