CEC Milestones (2006-2020)
Daonong Gala | the Right People, the Right Time
Daonong Gala | Cherish the Ten Years’Time
China Green Companies Summit (Dunhuang) | Winning with the Essence of Business
The Anniversary Concert of CEC | For Future,For You
Daonong Gala | Encounter Blossom
China Green Companies Summit (Tianjin) | Age of Smart Business: High-Quality Growth and Value Creation
China Green Companies Alliance – Overseas Study Tour to Germany
CEC Leaders Forum – Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad
Daonong Gala | Craftsmanship
China Green Companies Alliance – Overseas Study Tour to Japan
China Green Companies Summit (Zhengzhou) | Divided Progress: Finding New Economic Drivers
The First China-US Business Leaders Summit held in Washington D.C.
Daonong Gala | Shining Moments
CEC Leaders Forum –Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key
China Green Companies Summit (Jinan) | Redefining the Jungle: A New Business Order
China Green Companies Alliance – Overseas Study Tour to Sweden
CEC Forum – Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau
Daonong Gala | Our Journey Together
International Visit – Germany and Italy
China Green Companies Summit (Shenyang) | Game Changers: Creating New Business Value
CEC Leaders Forum – French President François Hollande

CEC Leaders Forum is an important venue for dialogues between Chinese business community and foreign heads of states as well as significant figures of world-wide influence. The Forum, established in 2015, has become a key representative for China’s public diplomacy.

China Green Companies Alliance – Overseas Study Tour to Israel
Daonong Gala | Trailblazers
International Visit - Singapore and Australia
China Green Companies Summit (Nanning) | An Era of Transformation: Realities and Aspirations
Daonong Gala | Brave Heart
China Green Companies Summit (Kuming) | Rethinking Business and Sustaining Growth
International Visit – France and Belgium
Founding of China Green Companies Alliance

China Green Companies Alliance (the Alliance), initiated in 2013, is a value-sharing platform dedicated to help the companies to build and maintain sustainable business competitiveness. The Alliance is committed to build a mutual learning platform in which the companies can attend annual forums, visit each other’s companies, and join overseas study tours. The Alliance facilitates the business elites to interact with each other, connect their resources, in order to promote the robust and long-term development of the companies.

China Green Companies Summit (Wuhan) | Obligation and Innovation under the New Realities
International Visit- UK
China Green Companies Summit (Qingdao) | Responsibility and Innovation in a Shifting World – Our Solution
Launching of the International Visit Project - Visit to the US

CEC has built an essential platform for international communication through international visits and high-profile foreign affairs activities. These events seek to present to the world the values and the authentic picture of Chinese entrepreneurs, demonstrating their common styles and features. Such exchanges and cooperation between Chinese businesses and their foreign counterparts help to improve the international climate for Chinese companies. Thereby, this platform has become a key representative for China’s public diplomacy.

Daonong Gala | What you were
China Green Companies Summit (Chengdu) | Green Evolution: Governments and Companies
Daonong Gala | Daonong’s Dream
Establishment of Daonong Gala|The Age of Innocence

Daonong Gala is both the “Party of the Elephants” and “Children’s Day” of the magnates. Thereby, the Gala provides an occasion to experience again The Age of Innocence . At the end of each year, the Invisible Top and the Visible Style will appear in Beijing.

China Green Companies Summit (Beijing) Green Transformation: Forecast Business Culture
The First China Green Companies Summit (Beijing) | Green Competitiveness: Trends and Actions

China Green Companies Summit, launched by CEC since 2008, hosts over 1,000 guests from home and abroad who are visionary and game-changing leaders in the fields of business, government, academia, NGO and media.

CEC Visit to Taiwan
Launching of the “China Green Companies” Project
Launching of the “Member Companies Visit” Project

Member Companies Visit is a core project for CEC. The members confront together the essential challenges in their strategic decision-making by visiting each other’s companies. CEC promotes mutual learning and value sharing through this project.

Founding of Chinese Entrepreneur Golf Club

This is a well-renowned non-professional golf tournament in China. Every year, it hosts 8-10 games across the major cities, offering opportunities for the mainstream business leaders to improve their golfing skills, relax themselves and enhance friendships.

Founding of CEC