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Established in 2006, China Entrepreneurs Club is a platform for exchange of business ideas, cooperation and mutual support. It is the spiritual home for Entrepreneurs and aims to become one of the most influential non-profit Organizations in the world.

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Promote the Sustainable Development of the Economy and Society

CEC members are distinguished individuals who have made valuable contributions to China’s market economy. As people with strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission, they fulfill entrepreneurship purpose and integrate corporate social responsibility as part of their business routines, actively engaging in charitable causes.

The member companies have indirectly created jobs for

Non-Profit Platform for Business Ideas Exchange, Cooperation and Mutual Help

China Entrepreneur Club is a platform for business ideas exchange, cooperation and mutual help. It is the spiritual home for the entrepreneurs and serves as a major venue for China’s leading companies to carry out international cooperation.

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Jack Ma
Wang Yusuo
Fang Hongbo
Deng Feng
Liu Donghua
Xu Jinghong
James Liang


Jack Ma

Executive Board Members

Wang Yusuo, Fang Hongbo, Deng Feng, Liu Donghua, Xu Jinghong, James Liang
More Members

Founding of CEC


Founding of China Entrepreneur Golf Club


Member Companies Visit - China Mengniu Dairy Company


Establishment of Daonong Gala


Member Companies Visit - Lenovo


Launching of the "International Visit" Project

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Daonong Gala

Established in 2009, Danong Gala is hosted in Beijing at the year end. Characterized by “the Invisible Top and the Visible Style”, the event is reputed as the “Party of the Elephants” and “the Spring Festival Gala for the Business Community”.

China Entrepreneur Golf Club

China Entrepreneur Golf Club was founded in May 2007 by CEC. The Golf Club hosts high-profile events with high added value, making it a representative and influential entrepreneur golf club in China.

China Green Companies Alliance

China Green Companies Alliance, founded by CEC, is a value-sharing platform committed to help the member companies to build and maintain the sustainable business competitiveness…